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Do you have an existing online shop with Magento, Woocommerce, or are you using another shop system?

If you are looking for an agency that can migrate your shop to Shopware, look no further! We guide you through the whole migration process: from initial planning to going live.

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Shopware Migration
At a glance

Analysis of the existing shop

A migration needs in-depth preparation. This includes analysis of the existing shop. We would gladly take care of this for you.

Importing data

We support you with the successful import of your data, so that you do not have to build all your product, category, manufacturers and media databases from scratch again.


We test the functioning of the shop with you so that nothing stands in the way of a successful and problem-free launch of your new Shopware shop.


Before one even starts with the conversion, it is essential to have an exact concept so that no data or any design elements are lost during the migration.

Theme adaptation

The theme from your existing shop will not be taken over automatically. Our developers adapt your new shop design to your old theme.

Going Live

When all features work in the test environment, the new Shopware shop can go live.


We work with 8mylez because the guys go hand in hand with Shopware like no other agency.
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Piran Asci
We are very happy to have 8mylez on board as a partner. Your commitment and working at eye level make the collaboration particularly successful and pleasant!
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Theresa Schuhmann
We are very happy with you. You do a great job and are always available, it just fits perfectly!
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Reto Hugi

Changeover to Shopware

Bei der Umsetzung von E-Commerce Projekten gibt es bei der Programmierung viele Möglichkeiten Shopware konform zu programmieren und sich an die Vorgaben der Entwickler zu halten. Aus dem Grund analysieren die Experten von 8mylez Ihren Shop auf Basis von internieren Guidelines sowie “best practices” bei der Programmierung, unter Berücksichtigung der Shopware-Standards.
Anhand von unseren Erfahrungswerten können wir somit ein Gutachten mit detaillierter Beschreibung der Fehler sowie Ableitung von Handlungsempfehlungen für Sie erstellen. Um Ihren Anforderungen bestmöglich gerecht werden, werden unsere Audits ausschließlich von sehr erfahrenen und zertifizierten Shopware-Architekten durchgeführt.

When does ist make sense to change over to Shopware?

When your current shop system is very outdated, the changeover to Shopware will elevate your online business to a new level. The changeover from an existing, badly functioning system to Shopware will offer you many new possibilities. Would you like to change over from Magento to Shopware?

Who should change over to Shopware 6?

A migration to Shopware is suitable and makes sense for any online dealer who is looking for a new shop system! Shopware is a shop system that is easy to use with many possibilities and is suitable for the most diverse number of requirements. We therefore recommend a migration to Shopware for both small and medium companies, but also for large companies.

Change from Shopware 5
to Shopware 6

Shop systems have taken a big technological leap with Shopware 6. Although the change from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 initially needs a lot of work, the new version has many advantages. A migration should, however, be well thought through and preferably be done with an experienced expert. We gladly advise and support you with anything relating to Shopware 6.

We also carry out the changeover to Shopware 6 for you. You can sit back and just enjoy the advantages of the new system.

Benefits of Shopware 6

The usability and administration of the shop system has clearly improved with Shopware 6. The storefront can easily be adapted and the structured admin area makes intuitive and flexible use possible. Shopware has created a shop system that is innovative and geared for the future. A rule builder allows easy customisation of sales processes and by integrating different sales channels in addition to the storefront, an API connection can be used to use inventory management as a sales channel. With this function an internet-of-things or a voice commerce connection is possible.

Consequences for shop operators

Regardless of whether you want to use the advantages of Shopware 6 as soon as possible or whether you are changing over because the support and further development of the features for Shopware 5 will be implemented slowly for the next 4 years, sooner or later you will have to migrate to Shopware 6. Because Shopware 6 is a completely new shop system with new technological prerequisites, the changeover cannot be carried out with a simple update. You as shop operator should think carefully about the timing of the changeover and prepare for it accordingly.

Importing shop data

When changing over from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6, two important steps are essential. Importing data and adapting the theme. At first a migration environment is created, Shopware 6 is installed and all data such as products, categories and media are transferred. Shopware has developed a plugin for importing data. The migration assistant connects the two shop systems and automates the data transfer process.

Extensive theme adaptation

With the import of data, the heart of your shop has been transferred into the new shop system easily and successfully. If you want to take over the old theme and the basic structure of your shop, it takes more effort and is a longer process. The theme cannot just be transferred to Shopware 6, as the technical basis of the two systems differ significantly from each other. Therefore you should set aside enough time for the renewal of the theme in your new Shopware 6 shop. 

Customer Reviews after a successful
changeover to Shopware

8mylez Referenz Hellmut Ruck

Migration from Magento to Shopware

The Fliesenmax shop was migrated entirely from Magento to Shopware 5 and launched successfully.
Magento Migration
view project

Migration from Magento to Shopware

Are you still uncertain whether a migration from Magento to Shopware is really the right thing?

In our system comparison you can inform yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of both shop systems.

shopware frontend darstellungabout the system comparison →

Frequently asked questions

Do we only do Shopware migration?

Apart from the migration, we also offer you other optimisations. We are also happy to discuss other subjects during our expert consultation.

A dedicated contact person?

With us you get a dedicated contact person that will work with you. Each contact person has, in turn, access to dedicated developers.

Is the consultation with an expert free of charge?

Yes! Every expert consultation is initially free of charge. This is when we discuss the problems that you have become aware of in your shop.


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