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shopware agentur Stefan Hamann
We work with 8mylez because the guys go hand in hand with Shopware like no other agency.
piran asci shopware händler
Piran Asci
We are very happy to have 8mylez on board as a partner. Your commitment and working at eye level make the collaboration particularly successful and pleasant!
matthias langwasser shopware händler
Theresa Schuhmann
We are very happy with you. You do a great job and are always available, it just fits perfectly!
reto hugi shopware händler
Reto Hugi

8mylez Referenz Hellmut Ruck
/ hellmut-ruck.de

Shopware 5 uplift through redesign

From design to implementation, the existing Shopware 5 shop was redesigned and launched, taking into account many important aspects for successful eCommerce.
Technical implementation
Launch: Q3 2021
8mylez referenz fliesenmax
/ Fliesenmax.de

Relaunch of Magento to Shopware 5

Both the design & Template as well as the complete migration with numerous complex backend features was successfully implemented and launched in Q1 2021
Technical implementation
Launch: Q1 2021
8mylez Referenz zalando zircle
/ zircle.de

Launch of the fashion platform in Shopware 6

The result of the cooperation is an ultra-fast Shopware 6 theme in the usual Zalando CI and automated search engine optimization.
Plugin development
Shopware 6 Template
Launch: Q4 2020

Full Service Shopware Agency
our Service at a Glance

Corporate Design

Theme development

Shopping worlds

Newsletter- & Mail templates

Flyers & Brochures
Shop Erstellung / Relaunch

Plugin development

Updates & Maintenance

Import / Migration

Conception & Consulting
Strategy & Analysis


Social Ads

Performance optimization

Conversion optimization
Full Service Shopware Agentur
In addition to permanent support, we are also happy to provide on-site training & workshops.

We do things a little differently

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8mylez Agentur Transparenz
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8mylez Agency
No Outsourcing
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Direct contact with developers
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eBook Onlineshop mit Shopware 5 von 8mylez
Your first online store with Shopware 5. We show you in the tutorial step by step how to install your Shopware store, set it up and customize it visually according to your wishes.
eBook Onlineshop mit Shopware 6 von 8mylez
Your First Online Shop with Shopware 6. We show you in this eBook step by step how to install, set up and customize the latest version of Shopware!
eBook Shopware SEO Guide von 8mylez
Our Shopware SEO Guide shows step by step how to make your Shopware 5 store fit for the search engine & good rankings with many simple tips & tricks.

Mobile First

A selection of our design concepts.

Get inspire or discover our desktop concepts for delicatessen and fashion.

Mobile Designkonzepte von Shopware Shops

Our Shopware Course on LinkedIn

shopware agentur 8mylez videokurs linkedin v2b

Our Shopware partnership is more than just an icon and that makes us proud.

We are an official contributor, so we work on the Shopware open source code and regularly create tutorials in our agency to share our knowledge with you.

You can find our Shopware 5 basic course on video2brain / LinkedIn Learning


shopware agentur 8mylez marc baur

Dear visitor,

About 10 years ago, Alexander and I started a journey together. A journey to the best shopware agency. A journey that has taken us past many stations and constantly improved. I would like to take you with me on this journey and show you who we are, how we work and what you can expect from us, the 8mylez Shopware Agency

Our claim was clear right from the start and has continued to strengthen: first-class service and excellent code. We work with passion on Shopware 5 and 6 shops and try day and night to make them the best of their kind.

Today we are Shopware Gold & Technology Partners. 8mylez employs almost 30 motivated specialists and our services are completely made in Germany.

Die beste Shopware Agentur - designed in Leipzig, assembled in Paderborn.

How do you define the best agency? Is it about the most certificates, table football or the nicest office? Maybe. But we see it a little differently. It's all about making you happy. We are concerned with added value and making your online shop more successful. If we manage to make your e-commerce and specifically your Shopware shop better and better, then that is the only relevant parameter for us.
smartphone mockup code
Shopware 5 and 6 serve as the basis for this. In our agency, we firmly believe that this shop system is the best basis for an online shop in Germany, Austria & Switzerland offers.

We don't just create Shopware shops.
We want to create the most successful Shopware shops in all of Europe. We want the best service & Provide support, create the best plugins and keep every single customer in our company happy and satisfied - regardless of whether they have a Community, Professional or Enterprise license. We want to be the best Shopware agency.

Shopware Agency Berlin, Hamburg, Munich? Paderborn!

Berlin, Hamburg & Munich - that sounds representative and makes something. Paderborn sounds funny. But while Berlin, Hamburg & Munich is only a short excursion destination on our trip, Paderborn has become our home. Because Paderborn is an IT city and has the charming advantage of being relatively centrally located in Germany. From here our routes lead super fast to Dortmund, Düsseldorf or Cologne, without Hamburg or Berlin being too far away. In addition, we are only a short distance away from the Shopware headquarters in Schöppingen and therefore close to our favorite companion.
agentur schreibtisch daniel programmiert

Nevertheless, we also have a handful of e-commerce customers in beautiful Munich. Of course, everything in my former home area around Stuttgart is particularly important to me.

So you see: no distance is too far for us and in the digital age distance is relative anyway. We believe that quality always prevails, regardless of whether it comes from Paderborn or New York. (I've always wanted to put Paderborn on the same line as New York).

8mylez Shopware agency also for Austria & Switzerland?!

As you now know, we not only operate from Bielefeld to Dortmund, but are also increasingly allowed to Shopware Looking after customers in Switzerland and Austria. Last but not least, our dedicated Shopware specialists appear.

  • powerfood.ch
  • ullrich.ch
  • padsforall.ch 

in new splendor. 

If you want to see which customers we have already been able to make happy in Germany besides Zalando, then please have a look at our references.

Shopware Partner till death do us part

scd shopware vorstand messe
Shopware Gründer & Vorstand Stefan Hamann auf unserem Messestand SCD18

Admittedly, this sounds a bit theatrical, but in 2015 we decided on a path: 

100% Shopware

There's no going back now and that's a good thing!

Today it sounds logical, but more than 5 years ago the Shopware universe was not that big and the step was relatively courageous. But we still firmly believe that Shopware is on the way to becoming the best shop system in the world. That's why we are Shopware Gold Partners with full conviction.

We now know Shopware inside out and of course try to make the system as successful as possible through our open source projects and to do our part.

Conclusion: Transparent, open & honest

When we look back on the last few years, we are proud of what we have achieved. We have expanded our core competencies. We were able to take new, great colleagues along the way and more and more support exciting customers and projects. 

We have learned a lot and are still in constant change today. But above all, we are one thing: staying true to ourselves. We are still transparent today and you can be sure that we will always be open and honest.

Because let's face it: there will come days when we make mistakes. We are human and humans are not perfect. So we don't want to sell you glossy brochures and superficial perfection. Instead, we're just making you a promise: 

If something doesn't go quite right, we'll fix it. 

We won't leave you alone if your shop is unexpectedly offline during the Christmas season. We're honest with you, even if you don't always want to hear it. We will try to make your online shop better , without you having to keep asking. We will always do a little more than you expect from us, will be happy to take detours and above all be one thing: human.

Me and the entire team are always happy to welcome new members and travel companions in our 8mylez family, whom we can inspire with our service.

See you soon & best regards

Marc Baur

We love Shopware 5 & 6

Whether Shopware 5 or 6,

we have all the certifications that Shopware offers.

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shopware 6 logo
shopware solution partner 8mylez
certified template developer shopwarecertified template designer shopwarecertified developercertified developer advanced shopwareshopware 6 certified developershopware 6 certified designershopware 6 certified advanced template designershopware 6 certified advanced developer

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