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For the last six years we have exclusively worked with e-commerce on the basis of Shopware. We have learnt what is essential for a successful shop and how to get the most out of Shopware.
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Real expertise

We are the largest provider of Shopware educational material in D-A-CH countries. So far, we have published three e-books, we operate the biggest Shopware blog, we have developed our own Shopware forum and we have published multiple training videos and livestreams on YouTube.
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Choosen by the best

More than 160 companies trust us with their online shops and thus with a turnover of more than €300 million. Due to our high degree of specialisation we can count top brands like Zalando, Mercedes-Benz and Powerfood among our references.

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made in Germany

We train all our skilled workers to the highest standards in our own academy and choose to not make use of freelancers. This makes us a well-coordinated team and ensures that we can guarantee the best possible quality.
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Transparent & accessible

We do not hide our developers behind project managers or support tickets. You can contact our developers at any time during the collaboration and therefore discuss technical issues quickly and easily.
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Fast & reliable

Due to our flat hierarchy and a high degree of individual responsibility, our teams remain fast and dynamic at all times. You can rely on us to always deal promptly with your issue and that we will work with impeccable quality.
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More own initiative

It is our objective to permanently improve your online shop. Should we notice certain issues, we will provide you with proactive suggestions for improvements. We have access to more than 160 online shops and can therefore see what does and what doesn’t work at all times.
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We started small and had to learn how to make a small budget go a long way. This ability we have retained until today and we are therefore always on the lookout for clever and lean solutions that bring about corresponding turnover for our customers.
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Insider knowledge

Because of our close collaboration with Shopware, we are always close to current happenings and can profit from insider knowledge. Our developers are always informed about the latest developments regarding innovations, updates and future planning in the Shopware universe.
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Healthy growth with a focus on consistently high quality is our greatest asset and the reason for our success over the last few years. Benefit from an advanced and independent partner with whom you can successfully develop your online shop for many years.
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Quality & experience

Together, our developers have over 30 years of Shopware experience! Do not let unnecessary experiments take you into an uncertain future, put your trust in us and in what we have proven consistently over the past few years.

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✓ 27 employees

✓ Shopware Gold Partner

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✓ 160+ managed shops

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✓ 70 Shopware videos on Youtube

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