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Why a Shopware Code Audit?

Shopware is currently one of the leading e-commerce systems in the D-A-CH region and is also winning more ground in the rest of Europe due to its many possibilities for individualisation. Thanks to its many possibilities for expansion through a large number of plugins, it has developed into a high performance software tool — but it also brings with it a certain degree of complexity. Therefore Shopware can only reach its full performance potential and bring about the desired e-commerce success if it is correctly implemented and configured.

With a professionally implemented Code Audit by 8mylez you can:

Recognise unused performance reserves of the shop so that they can be optimised effectively
Get status indication regarding current update capability and future security
Determine the reliability of your system to avoid possible partial- or complete failures
Recognise programming errors or weak places in the code early on in order to save costs for corrections during future shop adaptations
Getting an independent opinion on a shop conversion, or active supervision
With this you can rely on the know-how of one of the most experienced Shopware agencies in the D-A-CH region!

How does an 8mylez code audit analysis work?

Bei der Umsetzung von E-Commerce Projekten gibt es bei der Programmierung viele Möglichkeiten Shopware konform zu programmieren und sich an die Vorgaben der Entwickler zu halten. Aus dem Grund analysieren die Experten von 8mylez Ihren Shop auf Basis von internieren Guidelines sowie “best practices” bei der Programmierung, unter Berücksichtigung der Shopware-Standards.
Anhand von unseren Erfahrungswerten können wir somit ein Gutachten mit detaillierter Beschreibung der Fehler sowie Ableitung von Handlungsempfehlungen für Sie erstellen. Um Ihren Anforderungen bestmöglich gerecht werden, werden unsere Audits ausschließlich von sehr erfahrenen und zertifizierten Shopware-Architekten durchgeführt.
During the implementation of e-commerce projects, there are many possibilities to program Shopware in a compliant manner and to keep to the guidelines of the developers. On this basis, the experts from 8mylez analyse your shop using programming best practices and internal guidelines, while taking Shopware standards into consideration as well.
Experience shows that we are able to draw up an expert report for you with a detailed description of the errors and recommendations for action. In order to meet your requirements to the best of our abilities, our audits are only executed by highly experienced and certified Shopware architects.

What is included in a code audit?

Analysis of general shop performance

Page load times are vitally important in e-commerce; they have a significant effect on your conversion, and also provide a first impression of the condition of your shop. Performance is also used by Google as a relevant SEO indicator. Therefore, we first analyse the general performance of the shop. This of course includes measuring response times of all performance-critical URLs, but we also check whether the general performance of the server and configuration meets the actual or expected requirements of the shop. In this way our experts get a first impression of the shop, and can also identify points of reference for further analysis.

Storefront Analysis

The look and feel of the way an online shop functions, lets many customers make direct conclusions about the products on offer and their quality. That is why it is even more important that your chosen theme adheres to certain UX- and Shopware standards and does not negatively influence your conversion.

During an analysis of this aspect we concentrate mainly on the quality of the coding and the general functioning of the chosen themes or relevant plugins for the storefront. Content-wise we start with the look of your storefront and check whether important standardised processes such as making payment or the search bar function properly and whether your customers can shop safely and without any problems. Then we look at your theme code and also take into consideration insight gained from the visual analysis.

Special attention is given to the template structure, the theme structure and whether there are areas in the source code which slow down your shop unnecessarily, limit its adaptability or even endanger the ability to update.

Admin analysis

Besides the storefront, the admin area is an essential component of a Shopware shop. Here, installed third-party modules are managed, changes are made to the system, or shopping and experience worlds are edited. Code adaptations are much more complex here than in the storefront, as developers at times need to access data bases which can result in serious faults in the shop system.

After a basic examination of your Shopware shop, we carry out a comprehensive examination of the existing plugins and interfaces of third-party suppliers as well as individual functions and features implemented for you. Here, our particular focus is placed on areas critical for the business, which we will agree on with you beforehand for a better understanding. Subsequently, the log files of your system are read out and evaluated. That is how we get further information about the faults in the system and can, with the gathered data, draw our first conclusions about possible causes.

During the next step, the code for the sources of these faults (e.g. faulty plugins from third-party suppliers) is analysed in more detail in order to recognise possible conflicts in the system architecture and to make recommendations for optimisation. We also examine whether core modifications are present and provide recommendations for action to avoid these. Finally, we examine your shop for current system and security patches and, where necessary, recommend updates.

In-depth examination of plugins

The optional in-depth examination of plugins should be seen as an addition to the admin analysis. During this analysis our experts deal exclusively with the plugins built into the shop system and create an overview of installed third-party modules, incl. version. After detailed inspection, we provide suggestions for concrete actions for individual plugins and introduce you to alternative plugins.

This is what we look out for

Solutions that do not adhere to best-practice

Outdated services, in particular, can lead to problems. Besides an up-to-date shop system, the code for the plugins and individual developments should also always be kept up to date.

Sustainable code solutions

Individual adaptations should actually reduce your tasks and let you sleep better at night. There are, however, always some adaptations that can negatively impact your shop.

Optimised syntax and readability

Not only texts should be easy to read - code should also have a certain readability. Like a good text, code should also be structured and should not contain unnecessary ‘filler functions’.

Lean code

We have often found code that is not needed at all. Such adaptations are not only untidy, but could also create problems.

What happens after the audit?

You will receive the result of the shop analysis in the form of a comprehensive analysis report, sorted according to priority and containing all detected faults (incl. screenshots) and appropriate recommendations for action. In addition, we provide (as far as possible) a rough cost estimate for fault elimination, to be discussed in a final meeting with a technical contact person. Through our audit, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of technical problems in your Shopware shop and provide sound support to correct them in a timely manner. In this way your system can be stabilised and optimised.

If you then want to let the 8mylez experts handle the adjustments, we will be happy to provide you with a roadmap detailing milestones and implementation periods.

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