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Dear shop operators,

In the past, technical implementation and functionality were decisive for a successful online shop. But over time an individual and appealing design have become more and more important. As a shop owner you can use one of the standard themes, or you can utilise an individual design that perfectly suits your shop and the products that are sold there.

A design that makes a positive impression on all its users, is memorable and stands out from others. We have made it our business to create the most attractive and successful Shopware designs. If you are looking for an individual Shopware design, you have come to the right place.

Together with our UX expert, our inhouse designer creates sample designs of how your shop could look in future. We arrange individual features clearly and for intuitive use in an aesthetic layout. The result: an exclusive shop with a modern and unique appearance which will convince any visitor and will increase buyer interest on a sustainable basis.

We would love to support you with the redesign of your shop! Kind regards,


Your individual Design

Expert call & consultation

The first step is always a call from an expert and an individual consultation. This is where the basis for future work is laid by clarifying challenges and requirements.

Development of a holistic design

Once the basis has been agreed upon, your individual design is developed. The design is then open for discussion: you give us your feedback and we incorporate it into the design.

Design concept

Before one works on the actual design, a holistic concept must be developed. Here the most important pages (detail page, category page and homepage) are conceptualised.


In the end it is all about the implementation of the design. With the development of the holistic design, our front end developers have an exact template according to which they can work. The result: your individual Shopware design.

What our customers say

We work with 8mylez because the guys go hand in hand with Shopware like no other agency.
piran asci shopware händler
Piran Asci
We are very happy to have 8mylez on board as a partner. Your commitment and working at eye level make the collaboration particularly successful and pleasant!
matthias langwasser shopware händler
Theresa Schuhmann
We are very happy with you. You do a great job and are always available, it just fits perfectly!
reto hugi shopware händler
Reto Hugi

Why an individual Design?

Creating an individual design for your Shopware. This is sometimes easier said than done. Often there are stumbling blocks, of which only the Shopware experts are aware. Shopware is very adaptable, but you do need to know what needs to be tweaked..

Recognition value

The Shopware responsive template might look quite attractive with its colours and logo - but an individual design which cannot be bought in a shop is of course better. The look of your shop embodies your business at first glance and should be adapted to your product offering, your business philosophy and your corporate identity. In this way it will be much easier for your customers to remember your shop, especially when the user experience is convincing!

User experience

Depending on which products you sell in your online shop, you will address a very specific target group. The target group is characterised by their very individual interests and preferences. We adapt the design of your shop to your target group, because prospective clients should identify with your shop at first glance and feel at home. Offer your customers a holistic shopping experience that is remembered and leads to further purchases!

A visually attractive display of content and use of individual features can enhance the user experience and can have a positive effect on your shop.

Optimised for conversions

No matter how beautiful the design is - if the user does not make a purchase, the design is actually worth nothing. The objective of your shop is to get as many users as possible to make a purchase. And the shopping experience on a smartphone or a tablet should function in the same way as on a laptop. The design of your shop should therefore not only look good, but should be created and thought through in such a way that it makes conversions easy. All pages in your shop should be optimised, from the listing page to the checkout. We hereby focus on a user friendly design which convinces the user to buy in your shop.

Frequently asked questions

Do we only do Shopware design?

Apart from Shopware design, we also offer you other optimisations. We are happy to also discuss other subjects during our expert consultation.

A dedicated contact person?

With us you get a dedicated contact that will work with you. Each contact person has, in turn, access to dedicated developers.

Is the consultation with an expert free of charge?

Yes! Every expert consultation is initially free of charge.. This is when we discuss the problems that you have become aware of in your shop.


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