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Dear shop operators,

When our Shopware agency 8mylez was founded in 2015, our main task lay with the development of online shops.

Over time we realised that performance and Google Page Speed played an important role for more and more shop operators. It is important for us that the shops we maintain are not just well set up from a technical point of view, but that they will be successful as whole. To ensure this, it is necessary that your shop has fast loading times.

Six years after we started, we added performance experts to our team of developers, who give their best every day to ensure that your shop operates at a good speed.

Thanks to our wide ranging experience and our high standards, you can profit from a fast shop and an optimal page speed score. With us you get a reliable partner at your side, and above all you won’t have to worry about an important and demanding aspect of online business, the improvement of loading times.

We would like to support you with the performance optimisation of your Shopware shop and look forward to seeing your page speed score in the green in the very near future!

Kind regards, Daniel

our Performance service   at a glance

Google page speed score

Page speed is becoming increasingly important and is a rough guide for the performance of your page. With our help all your important pages will be in the green.

Your shop is down (crashes/ overload)

With non-optimised shops high visitor numbers often lead to a crash. This is particularly annoying during marketing campaigns. The result: much stress and little turnover because customers leave the site due to slow loading times

Performance analysis

Is your shop noticeably slow? No problem! With our performance analysis you receive an individual report about the actual performance killers and the best optimisation possibilities.

Backend performance

Bigger shops with many data sets often suffer due to the fact that daily tasks in the Shopware backend are too slow. We also help you to remove these performance problems in the backend!

Performance as a factor for success for your Shop

Bei der Umsetzung von E-Commerce Projekten gibt es bei der Programmierung viele Möglichkeiten Shopware konform zu programmieren und sich an die Vorgaben der Entwickler zu halten. Aus dem Grund analysieren die Experten von 8mylez Ihren Shop auf Basis von internieren Guidelines sowie “best practices” bei der Programmierung, unter Berücksichtigung der Shopware-Standards.
Anhand von unseren Erfahrungswerten können wir somit ein Gutachten mit detaillierter Beschreibung der Fehler sowie Ableitung von Handlungsempfehlungen für Sie erstellen. Um Ihren Anforderungen bestmöglich gerecht werden, werden unsere Audits ausschließlich von sehr erfahrenen und zertifizierten Shopware-Architekten durchgeführt.

Why is the optimisation of loading times important?

The optimisation of performance includes all measures and strategies to ensure that the loading times of the online shop are reduced. Such optimisations are very important, as they have a direct influence on essential factors such as customer satisfaction and conversion rate.

The Walmart corporation had a study undertaken in order to express these advantages in numbers:

  • for every one second improvement in loading time, an increase of 2% conversions could be recorded
  • for every 100ms improvement, the turnover could be increased with up to 1%

This phenomenon can be explained quite easily. If the loading time of a page is too slow, customers are inclined to leave the page and buy the product from a competitor’s shop with faster loading times.

Google Page Speed score

Page Speed Insights is a tool developed by Google to roughly measure the performance of a page and to give it a score. The speed is measured by six different metrics and the higher the score, the better the performance of the page is.

Apart from the abovementioned advantages for better loading times for your shop, the PageSpeed Score, according to Google, has a direct influence on SEO rankings and therefore on the visibility of your page, which in turn results in higher turnover.

Shopware offers a good basic standard in this respect, but it often gets impaired by non-optimised images and plugins, which increase the time on the server or integrate many third-party Javascript codes.

why we may talk about page speed
(a case study)

Initial situation

The customers are experienced operators of Shopware shops, with a speed score of approx. 30 when mobile. Over the years many Shopware plugins have accumulated, which also integrate third-party Javascript into the shop. These are Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar etc.

Furthermore, the homepage uses many shopping worlds through which a large amount of Javascript code is implemented. This eventually blocks the main thread.

Finally, we noticed that overly large images were used and the server response time sometimes was over 200ms. This causes the page to build slowly.


After optimisation by 8mylez, a significant improvement in the Google page speed could be reported.

To achieve this result, the problematic Javascript code was loaded at a later time so that it does not negatively impact the page structure. The images were compressed and issued in webP format. Now the server time is also well below 200ms.

The bottom line is impressive: the score, even on mobile devices, is nearly 100!

Conclusion: Page speed is in the 100 range!
"With 8mylez we have found a reliable partner and we could show significant progress in performance and SEO."
Nathalie Heuser

E-Commerce Manager

Paul Ullrich AG

Performance know-how

Top 3 Performance Problems

third-party code

It often happens that tracking plugins are installed that integrate external Javascript into the shop, which negatively impacts the page loading process. As a solution we suggest that the Javascript code gets loaded a few seconds later, or to load it only when needed.

non-optimised images

Images often get loaded in uncompressed or unsuitable format, which comes down to very large images. This obviously causes the image to take a long time to load, especially in the mobile application. As a solution we recommend Cloudflare, which automatically optimises images.

server response times

Plugins that expand the functionality of the shop, can under certain circumstances be responsible for longer server response times. These respective plugins can easily be detected by tools such as Tideways and can be repaired accordingly.

to the top togehther

Individual performance strategy

Every online shop is a highly individual product. The cause for a deterioration in performance can therefore vary wildly, possibly as a result of a small modification. Together with our client we analyse which optimisation is right for the online shop and what tweaks to make to achieve the desired objectives.

We work out a detailed strategy for you which is perfectly adapted to your shop and which lays the foundation for a sustainable shop. A strategy for guaranteed success!

Initial meeting with our expert

In order for you to have better insight into performance optimisation, we offer you an initial consultation free of charge. Here you can discuss your experiences up until now and your requirements for performance optimisation.

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Frequently asked questions

When is a shop slow?

As a first step you can run a test with the Google Page Speed Tool yourself. In addition, you can also get advice during the initial meeting.

A dedicated contact person?

With us you get a dedicated contact person that will optimise your shop for you. Each contact person also has dedicated developers to assign to your case.

Free initial consultation?

Yes! Every expert consultation is initially free of charge. Use the opportunity to directly discuss anomalies, problems and requirements.


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